Saturday, January 30, 2010



Here's an upclose shot:

Product Breakdown:
2. Mac Devil May Dare Warm e/s: Gold Tease (all over the lid)
3. Prankster and Devilish Dark (crease)
4. Sally Girl e/s: Lilac (above the crease area)
5. Mac Fluidline: Blacktrack
6. Revlon matte e/s: 007 Riviera Blue (set the liner)
6. Almay Mascara

Phew, that's a lot of stuff for a not-so-dramatic look ahaha.

Note: Pictures were actually taken at the end of the day so colors may be a bit faded.


giang said...

loves it, and loves ur colored contacts! they're gorg!

Life of Temptation said...

Hey Beautiful!!! <3 I haven't blog for a while. I'm on and I saw your comments:D i KNOW SPRINROLLS are always yummmyy! I'm starting to eat late..even at 2am IF I'M up..I can eat a bag of CHIPS. =/ ahhh Also. I have a blog for you :) I really like the contacts and cant wait to see more of your looks and THOSE ENVELOPES ABOVE are really nice.. Drop by my blog for your award andddddd dont forget to follow meee sweetie!!!<3!

Cindy is my name xoxox