Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EOTD & Etsy

 Here's a look I did a while ago but haven't had the chance to post. All shadows are from the Tokidoki Diamante pallet.

Products used (in order):
  1. UDPP
  2. Rubino- all over the lid
  3. Romeo- outer v
  4. Nancy Rocks- lined the outer v near lashline
  5. Mac's Fluidline- Blacktrack
  6. Max Factor Xtreme Mascara
  7. Lips- Mac's Way To Love with Boy Bait on top

About 2 weeks ago I purchased two rings from Etsy.

I thought this one was really unique so even though the material wasn't that great, I still bought it. It only comes in one size and they say it's adjustable. I didn't adjust it at all and it seems to fit well. I would say the "default" size is 6. 

Next up, is this copper twisted ring. It's super thin and can be made to any size you order.

Because it's thin, I like stacking it with other rings. It doesn't really match my other ring, but I still like it.

xo, Diana

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tag: 10 Facts About Us (Finally!!)

Okay, so we've been super slacking with this tag. We never really realized how hard it was to come up with 10 facts until we were tagged by the lovely Susy.


  1. My whole closet revolves around the colors: blue, black, and grey.
  2. I wear glasses to sleep.
  3. I have a Coach obsession.
  4. I think guys who play the piano are especially attractive. ;)
  5. After getting Bebe, my dog, I've become a lot more sensitive about animal cruelty issues.
  6. The more i use lush the less i am impressed with their products.
  7. I'm a hopeless romantic who likes to "collect" meaningful love quotes
  8. My love for photography developed at a young age when i started taking (rather awful) pictures of flowers at the annual flower show at the world trade center and it has become something that is on my mind constantly.
  9. I like long walks. Not just on the beach but practically anywhere, I once walked over five miles just for the fun of it.
  10. I like taking the bus more than taking the subway. I would rather take the bus even when taking the bus would take twice as long to get to the destination. This is only when I'm not in a rush to get somewhere of course.


  1. When I put on contacts or eye makeup, I must put the right one on first or else it will mess up my routine.
  2. I used to be a nail biter, until I developed an obsession for nail polish.
  3. I can't wear sandals or flip flops without painted toenails.
  4. When I like a new song, I'll loop it over and over again until I'm sick of it.
  5. I hate wishy-washy, indecisive guys.
  6. I like buying the same style of clothing in different colors.
  7. I have snacking issues. I tend to snack after 9 PM on a daily basis. I also like to eat cup noodles at 3 AM. -_-
  8. Flats hurt my feet. I'm not sure if it's just me, but almost every single pair of flats I've bought end up hurting the sides of my feet. Ironically, the back of my feet never hurt and that's what people complain about the most. 
  9. Even though I'm 21, I still like to eat Beefaroni and Alphabet soup. :)
  10. I'm really afraid of heights, but would love to go sky diving one day. I actually dread roller coasters more, lol.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Goodies

I couldn't help but resist picking something up form the new tokidoki collection at Sephora. Although everything was really cute, I only ended up getting two things that I can really use.  Everything else had too much glitter and sparkle for me. The lip glosses looked amazing packaging wise, but on the lips, the colors were pretty much clear. The scent also bothered me. I can't really pinpoint what it was, but it reminded me of cough medicine. >_<

Anyway, so here's the Diamantes palette I picked up:

This is the cute little charm it comes with. Each palette has a different one.

The side view!

Out of all the other palettes, I think I would use these the most, aside from the neutrals but I already have a lot. ;p

I also picked up their sugar free mints! I love love love this packaging and it was only 5 bucks.

There's a mirror inside!!!

I feel the need to go back and get more!

To match my camera, these were my nails recently:

Sephora by OPI: Sample Sale

I love this color so much that I wanted back ups of it, but it was sold out in every Sephora in NYC. However, Winsley managed to find them and snagged me 3 backups! So now, I have 5 bottles of this total. Crazyyy, ahhaa. I bet I have enough to last me till I'm 50. =P Thanks Winsley! <3

(btw, please ignore the messy paint job up top)

Moving on, I've really been liking this lipgloss lately. It's a peachy coral and I think it would look great on top of MAC's Ever Hip lipstick from the Liberty collection. This is Maybelline's Triple Yum. I'm not sure if this has been discontinued or not, but when I bought it there was a sticker that said "Limited Edition."

This is on my bare lips, nothing under it.

This is pretty random, but I wanted to share some pics of these cute snacks I recently got:

The sponge bob is a marshmallow pop and the fishes are so jellies.

This is a giant gummy bear I got from Dave and Busters. It's so huge, I don't even know how I'm going to finish it.

Here's a picture of it next to the mints for a size comparison.

I hope every has a great weekend!

xo, Diana

Friday, April 9, 2010

FOTD, OOTDx2, Nails, Hair- Overdue post

Hey Lovlies, 

I'm sorry for being MIA the past few weeks. Midterms and group projects took over my life. I will definitely post more frequently now that I'm starting to get back on track with things. So what's been up? The great weather, for one thing, has enabled me to finally lose the thick jackets! 

Lately, I really like putting my hair up in a bun. Hair out of the face on hot days is the way to go! I also hate it when my hair sticks to my lips because of lipgloss, >_<.

This is the nail polish that I've been wearing a lot lately:
(OPI: Miso happy with this color)

On the nails:

Just my regular neutral look with the Gaga lipstick on.


Dress from Macy's.

This is super comfortable and perfect for those lazy days where you just want to throw something on.

Here's a close up of the band, super sparkly(!), just what I like.

Flats to go with the outfit. (Purchased in HK.)

The final look with the same blazer on:

Next Post: 10 Facts tag- tagged by Susy!

xo, Diana