Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tag: 10 Facts About Us (Finally!!)

Okay, so we've been super slacking with this tag. We never really realized how hard it was to come up with 10 facts until we were tagged by the lovely Susy.


  1. My whole closet revolves around the colors: blue, black, and grey.
  2. I wear glasses to sleep.
  3. I have a Coach obsession.
  4. I think guys who play the piano are especially attractive. ;)
  5. After getting Bebe, my dog, I've become a lot more sensitive about animal cruelty issues.
  6. The more i use lush the less i am impressed with their products.
  7. I'm a hopeless romantic who likes to "collect" meaningful love quotes
  8. My love for photography developed at a young age when i started taking (rather awful) pictures of flowers at the annual flower show at the world trade center and it has become something that is on my mind constantly.
  9. I like long walks. Not just on the beach but practically anywhere, I once walked over five miles just for the fun of it.
  10. I like taking the bus more than taking the subway. I would rather take the bus even when taking the bus would take twice as long to get to the destination. This is only when I'm not in a rush to get somewhere of course.


  1. When I put on contacts or eye makeup, I must put the right one on first or else it will mess up my routine.
  2. I used to be a nail biter, until I developed an obsession for nail polish.
  3. I can't wear sandals or flip flops without painted toenails.
  4. When I like a new song, I'll loop it over and over again until I'm sick of it.
  5. I hate wishy-washy, indecisive guys.
  6. I like buying the same style of clothing in different colors.
  7. I have snacking issues. I tend to snack after 9 PM on a daily basis. I also like to eat cup noodles at 3 AM. -_-
  8. Flats hurt my feet. I'm not sure if it's just me, but almost every single pair of flats I've bought end up hurting the sides of my feet. Ironically, the back of my feet never hurt and that's what people complain about the most. 
  9. Even though I'm 21, I still like to eat Beefaroni and Alphabet soup. :)
  10. I'm really afraid of heights, but would love to go sky diving one day. I actually dread roller coasters more, lol.


Jenny said...

what a fun post to read!

@winsley - i want to see pictures of bebe! i'm obsessed with having a dog of my own one day!

@diana - omgosh i have a snacking issue too. i swear i could eat every half an hour =/

- susy - said...

Winsley how do you sleep with glasses on!?!? They make my eyeballs hurt. I always take them off. Don't you ever roll over onto them??? I sleep on my side so I can't do it.

Diana NOW I KNOW WHY MY BLOG MAKES YOU HUNGRY!!! Youre a late night snacker! hAHhahahahaAH trust me.. when you're a grandma like me (ok i'm not that old im just 25) staying up past 11pm gets hard. Well for me anyways. I wake up at 6am. Enjoy school while you still can. I know studying for tests and what not sucks, but it sucks harder working 8-5 :(

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

WINSLEY.. i think guys that can play the piano is really hot too! LOL

Diana: I have to put my contacts on the left eye first.. or it'll ruin my routine.HAHA

Angelique said...

Great reading more about you girls :]

Winsley... I think I'd break my glasses if I attempted to sleep with them hahaha

Diana.... HOLLER! ;] Hmmm snacks... Now I'm hungry! I love buying things in different colors too. Mostly it's because I can be so indecisive... haha


Cyd said...

I had a good laugh reading this post lol!! So...WHAT? You wear glasses to bed??? and OMGGG GUYS WHO PLAY THE MUSIC ARE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys who can dance and sing too!! omggggg <3 hahahaha

and LOL....lush..i guess its not good? lol i still havent try anything from it yet!!

and i like to walk too!! once i was on 59th st and walked all the way to 83th then walk back down to the 70th st lol!! not so fun actually!!

and samee here i must paint my toenails if i wear slippers or any open toe heels hahaha AND OMGGGGG WHEN I like a new song i play it OVER ANDDOVER again too!! we have too much in common now LOL!!!

andddd OMGG I LOVE TO EATTT even its like 5am too well its 3:30 now but i was eating chips earlier and i think i might have tweeted abt it too LOL!!!!

we have too much in common hahahaa i think i just totally bomb ur wall with this long post lol

oh right about nyx lippies!! lol yea 9 swatches it was the pain in the ass well my lips...having to apply lipstick and remove it for 9times hahahaa my lips hated me after that!! Ive heard abt the union sq that sells nyx but i dunno where...otherwise go to queens centre ;) 2nd floor to this store thats besideee the perfume place i duno wat u call it lol

Cyd said...

shit..that was pretty long lol

Iva said...

so much fun!!

I hope you had a lovely Earth Day #40 yesterday! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

lucy said...

Winsley- I tend to fall asleep with my glasses on at night lol and i've never tried any lush products before! i'll have to see what theyre like.

Diana-I used to be a nail biter too until I started wearing polish 24/7 haha and I can't wear shoes that show my toes without painted toenails either! aghh i'll feel like everyone is starting at them! lol

Carrie said...

interesting and informative blog!

Serena said...

I love reading facts about people. =] Allows you to get to know them better.

2 Winsley:
Guys who play piano or an instrument in general is very attractive. They can serenade to you with their music. Sounds so romantic.

I totally agree with you on how after using more and more LUSH products, they're not as great as you'd hope them to be. I feel like there is too much hype around them.

2 Diana:
I've never notice if I work with one eye first before the other. I should see if I do the same. That's very interesting that you HAVE to work with your right eye first.

I'm the exact same way with painted nails and sandals! I feel like my toenails look nasty bare. Feet are so weird looking already. {*LOL}

New songs... I have the same problem. I'm getting sick of the songs on my blog already. =/

YOU HAVE TO GO SKY DIVING!! IT IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! If you're ever in Hawaii.. DO IT! SkyDive/Diving Hawaii. [I think its SkyDiving] if you have a school ID you get a student discount. Luckily they don't actually check if you're still in school or not. {*hehe}

I feel like we have so many things in common. ABC noodle soup? I LOVE it when I'm sick... {*yum}

<3 Serena.

Karen said...

I liked this post that you both did :) I have a lot of similarities to the both of you!

-that's interesting that you wear glasses to sleep. I would be worried I would break them!
-LOL I'm just like you when it comes to Lush. It's such a miss for me more than a hit.
-I love long walks too! But especially if I have great company
-I actually like the subway the best when it comes to public transportation :\

-OMG I always play new a song over and over again until I get sick of it too LOL
-I've been guilty of buying the exact shoe or clothing in different colours :)
-I love Beefaroni (and Mini Bites!) and Alphagetti AND I'm older than you ;)