Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I couldn't resist!

So I ended up buying more nail polishes and make up. >_<

Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong.

Found this at Walmart for $5. Application was smooth and non streaky but it's to be expected of such glitter polishes. Pictures shown are 2 coats, no base or top coat.

Found this at the CCO! Colors shown are part of the Intriguing Scarlet: 3 Cool Pink Lips.
  • Sheer Vision (gloss)
  • Overjoyed (lipstick)
  • Make Me Melt (lipstick)

This was purchased a while ago from Mitsuwa. It's a sheer light pink lip balm. Goes on smoothly and isn't sticky!

And here's the very last item...OPI's Only Gold For Me! Super chunky glitter that goes on smooth while adding just the right amount of sparkle to the nails. Lovee! Here, I topped it over OPI's Miso Happy With This Color. 2 coats.

Peace out til next time!

P.S.  Pics of new haircut coming soon! Plus more OOTD since I recently got a tripod. =p We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Ain't Over Yet

There's still time to rock the corals, peaches and updos. Here are two polishes I'm loving at the moment:

Essie's Van D'Go

Revlon's Peach Petal:
This color isn't truly portrayed in the picture above but it took 3 coats to achieve. The formula is extremely streaky. The only upside is that it dries super quickly. If you have the patience for streaky polishes, give this a go. Otherwise, save your money.

A couple of weeks ago I went biking in the blazing heat and decided that my hair needed to be up that day. I didn't want to do a regular pony tail so I added some twists to my bangs.

And here's the back of the tank top I wore that day.
Pretty cool, right? It was a gift from a good friend. =)

Until next time,