Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping, OOTD (Picture Heavy)

Finally updating! I have to catch up on my blog reading. I've just been enjoying summer and going out. I've also been forgetting to take my OOTD pictures lol.

Here's what I wore today:

Love the buttons and silky material!

Blazer from Bebe.
Dress from H&M.
And I just wore my flats from my previous post.

Here's some stuff that I bought recently. Mad damage >_<

Ring from F21. This is still a bit loose on me even thought I got it in the smallest size (6). It doesn't fall off though so it's all good.  :) I actually saw one that said LOVE but I didn't buy it and when I went back it was sold out!!

New shades from Ferragamo. LOVE THEM. It looks different from other shades on the market and kinda has that futuristic look to them. They're so sleek but also really fragile since it's frameless.

Snug in the box.

Started wearing them already lol.

I picked this up at the CCO. I thought I would've bought more since I've never been there before but this was the only thing I would actually use. I didn't want to swatch this yet so maybe I'll wear it in a future post or something. ;p

This was love at first swatch. I actually like putting this on top of my faded viva glam gaga.

Finally picked up some NYX lippies after much raves!! There were more but I think I'll save them for a future giveaway or something.

They look so similar >_<

I hope this wasn't too bad and I will probably start posting up work outfits next week!

xo, Diana

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss + OOTD

 Guess who is officially on summer vacation??????? LOL, I just took my last final today. So glad it's over and I am finally on break. Until, next month anyway, because that's when I start work. So after my final today, I went to CVS just to browse but ended up picking these up. I think these are my only lip glosses that have spf 15 in them.

First up is Peach Petal. It's a pale pink that's very comparable to MAC's Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass. I put them side by side so you can see.

Here are the swatches. They look different on the hand but on my lips they are very close.

And since CVS was having a buy one get one half off deal , I picked this one up too.

Swatch of them all together.

I also thought that Pink Afterglow sparkles a lot like MAC's dazzleglass, so here's a comparison.

Sparkle world!!!
LOL -_-

Okay, moving onto the OOTD. This is a lazy outfit for when I just want something comfy.

Shirt from Banana Republic.
Vest/Drape thing from Express.
Jeggings + Belt from Forever 21.
Heels from Madden Girl.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this and good luck to those who are finishing up finals. =)

xo, Diana

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The New 'Do

Thank you all for the hair suggestions! I finally went to get it done today after my final. I decided to get highlights and a slight trim. The color is a mix of ash brown with a hint of blonde (supposedly gets rid of red undertones). I was going for the natural look since I needed something office appropriate. It doesn't look that different from pictures in my previous post, but I think it came out pretty decent.

Natural lighting, no flash:

With flash:

Haha, is there even a difference? -_-

Top view:

What do you guys think?

xo, Diana

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Falsies, OOTD, The Face Shop, Hair

Yay for 2 posts in a week! Haha, so today was my first time wearing falsies. I bought super natural ones that looked light weight. I think the brand is Ardell... don't really remember since I threw away the packaging ages ago. (Bad blogging habits! Forgot to take a picture beforehand >_<)

Sooo, I don't know why this next pic came out so dark >_< but you get the idea.


Military jacket from Forever 21.
Dress from Urban Outfitters.
Sandals from Etienne Aigner.

I also stopped by The Face Shop today and picked these up:

This is random, but check out my blingin' itouch case:

Lately I've been having this huge urge to do something with my hair. I'm definitely getting a trim but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should highlight or dye my entire head. 
Here are some pics of my hair in different lighting.

What color should I dye/highlight? I would love you hear your suggestions!
xo, Diana