Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping, OOTD (Picture Heavy)

Finally updating! I have to catch up on my blog reading. I've just been enjoying summer and going out. I've also been forgetting to take my OOTD pictures lol.

Here's what I wore today:

Love the buttons and silky material!

Blazer from Bebe.
Dress from H&M.
And I just wore my flats from my previous post.

Here's some stuff that I bought recently. Mad damage >_<

Ring from F21. This is still a bit loose on me even thought I got it in the smallest size (6). It doesn't fall off though so it's all good.  :) I actually saw one that said LOVE but I didn't buy it and when I went back it was sold out!!

New shades from Ferragamo. LOVE THEM. It looks different from other shades on the market and kinda has that futuristic look to them. They're so sleek but also really fragile since it's frameless.

Snug in the box.

Started wearing them already lol.

I picked this up at the CCO. I thought I would've bought more since I've never been there before but this was the only thing I would actually use. I didn't want to swatch this yet so maybe I'll wear it in a future post or something. ;p

This was love at first swatch. I actually like putting this on top of my faded viva glam gaga.

Finally picked up some NYX lippies after much raves!! There were more but I think I'll save them for a future giveaway or something.

They look so similar >_<

I hope this wasn't too bad and I will probably start posting up work outfits next week!

xo, Diana


D's Beauty Corner said...

Very cute outfit! And those sunglasses are different than the ones you typically find!

Jenny said...

i recently fell in love with NYX lipglosses! need to pick up lipsticks next time! they look like the perfect pink colour :)

Susie said...

Those buttons are so shiny :) I love the dress! The pink bow adds a lot to it. Those sunglasses look great on you! ;]

Cydia said...

What a copy cow for buying a pair of sunglasses hahaahahahaha its niceeeee tho lol how much was it? hahahaa and you went to CCO WITHOUT ME......bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahaa jk!! (L)
and..where do you get your nyx lippies?

Angelique said...

OMG... that MAC lippie you got looks soooo pretty!!! hehe

Also you picked out really good NYX colors. Those two are part of my faves :]

Cute outfit & you totally rock those futuristic-like shades <3

Nikki San said...

I love that ring and chic outfit!! I'm looking for that kind of ring locally, too bad I haven't found one yet. Stay gorgeous Diwi!

Karen said...

The Ferragamo sunglasses really suit you Diana :) I'm looking for a pair of aviators actually with no luck. It seems like the big chunky plastic frame sunglasses suit my face shape the best....but still not giving up the aviator hunt LOL
The two NYX lippies look so pretty! I love pinkish lipsticks.
And you're right - they both look similar in colour once you wear them.
Oh and I love little white crystals in jewelry. I like the ring you got! I haven't bought a double finger ring yet.

iamlisaaa said...

the shades look so cool!!! :)
nominated you for a blog award!

Tammy said...

Awww thanks for stopping by my blog with such a nice comment :)

The ring is so cute! I've been on the lookout for rings like that but unfortunately I can't wear many metals and the ones that are ok for my skin are so expensive :X

Jenny said...

i recommend sweetheart and beige! i loved them both for an everyday colour :) i need to go pick up more!

dblchin said...

now all these funky looking rings are the in season babe!Love it

pangie said...

thanks for the sweet compliment on my cute but naughty son. lol

- susy - said...

I went to the CCO in Vegas and their selection of MAC stuff sucked donkey balls. At least you got something~ The color looks pretty though, I hope you do a swatch later on.

Really Petite said...

I love the blazer and dress! So cute!!! :)

KrySTYLES said...

The dress is cute and I love the NYX colors you got. btw, I tagged you for an award on my blog. Check it out.

Serena said...

I'm digging the dress and blazer. The material of the blazer does look silky soft. {*OoOo} It must feel really smooth. I really like the pink bow ribbon. Nice touch to the dress.

I still haven't been to a CCO. =( I was SOOO close to going to one yesterday but the lines to get into the parking lot, yes the LOT not while in the parking lot, were too long. {*bleh}

NYX!! Lovely lippes. I really like NYXs. I've never tried the colors you got but I'll defs check them out when I get more NYX lippies.

<3s Serena.

Angie said...

aww i love the dress :D and aren't connector rings addictive? the nyx lippies look fantastic on you :)

haha my dad had to help me do my right hand's french mani. he's a baller :D