Thursday, June 3, 2010

Organizing Lippies and OOTDx2

While I was eating Swedish Fish and Sour Patch the other day, I realized I needed a better way to store my lippies. Better way, meaning that I can actually see the names of the lipsticks. This mainly applies to Mac since I have multiple ones from them. I decided to get creative and used the candy boxes to create a grid like framework that was then inserted into the drawer in which I store my lippies.
Here is the end result:

As promised, here's a swatch of the slimshine I bought last weekend.
It's really smooth and moisturizing but after the color wears off, the sparkles still remain on the lips, much like Viva Glam V. I'm not sure if that's a plus or not but I'm not a huge fan of the just sparkles on the lip look.

Next up was my outfit from the weekend. It was really hot so here's what I wore:

xo, Diana


Anonymous said...

aww! hope you get the hang of it by your third week!! I like how you arranged your lip stuff neat freak :p

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hi Diana :D

Your outfits look really pretty as always :D I really love the office look. I wear something similar to work as well and it's great how relaxed you look in it :) Nothing worse than uncomfortable work clothes right? :)

The lipstick organizer is genius! Saves a lot of space and you can look at the shades that you want :)

Winnie* said...

Love how you organize your lippies! i wish i had light colored lips like you, slimshine looks super gorgeous on you! i wouldnt be able to pull that off :( i am also in love with your work outfit! u dont look tired but very professional in the picture :D

Susie said...

So many lipsticks! :)
& you look so professional in your 2nd OOTD!

Nikki San said...

Good idea in organizing lots of lippies! Your OOTD/s just simply shows your personality. Stay pretty!

Angelique said...

I love how creative you got with your lippie storage! i need to come up with something soon too ;D

I love how professional you look in your last pic! Makes me want to have some sort of office job so I could dress up like that hehe

Irene said...

I love the lipstick on you actually...makes me want to go out and buy it lol! So pretty...I'm too dark though for it to look good on me though *sigh*