Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where has DiWi been?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've just been really caught up with work and just going out in general. Waking up so early in the morning = no mood to take OOTD. As for the FOTD, my makeup has pretty much just been eyeliner and mascara, nothing exciting. My workplace is pretty conservative so that also means no bright, fun, summer polishes. :( I know I know, that doesn't excuse my lack of posts. 

I've decided to just update you all with tids and bits from my life as of late. No particular theme, just random stuff. 

It's been getting really hot (and humid >_<) here in NYC, but I don't really mind. Being in the office all day has made me really sensitive to bright light, haha like a vampire! So of course, during the weekends I need to go out, even if it's just for a stroll.

Last weekend I went kite flying with my boyfriend and soon ended up playing frisbee.

Here is a picture of the sandals I wore and also the orange polish from the Icing set in the previous post. The formula is really similar to that of China Glaze. Thick but goes on smooth. The colors are also really opaque so one coat may be sufficient.

I've also been doing a lot of shopping lately. This means more OOTD pics to come! But I just wanted to show a picture of these cute key accessories the bf bought from Urban Outfitters. I love pandas and penguins so these were perfect.

Andddd, totally random, but I recently got frogs! They are in a self sustaining ecosystem, which means no cleaning or water changing necessary. All you have to do is feed them twice a week. Each ecosystem comes with two frogs and can be purchased from Brookstone.

Cuteee, right? Haven't thought of names for them yet, but there's one boy and one girl. Any suggestions?

I've also been thinking about cutting my hair, or at least getting a trim. I still want long hair but I just feel like my layers are growing out and weighing the rest of the hair down, aka no volume. What should I do? Should I get bangs (side fringes) as well?

:] Diana [:


Winnie* said...

Really like the color on your toes! you think they still have the sale going on at claires? The set looks pretty amazing and the colors are so fun! The place you went frisbee seems like a good place to relax - a lot of greens. hope you had fun! haha you think your frogs will make babies later on? it'd be so cute to have a self sustaining frog family lol

heartofpearl ♡ said...

the pale orange colour looks really nice!! looks so natural but so pretty at the same time. aw those key accessories are cuuute! i want a nice one for my ugly keys haha :) x

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

Don't stress out too much with work! Enjoy the summer. I love your pictures and your nail polish!! Come back often... waiting for your posts ^_^V

- susy - said...

frogs?? idk, they kind of scare me the same way geckos do >.< i had a gecko on my ceiling in Vietnam. It was on my ceiling when I fell asleep and when I woke up, it fell onto my face :[ so horrifying. i imagine that frogs are like them. i'm weird i know
anywho, kite flying!? i didn't even know that there is space in NYC to do so! it just seemed like a concrete jungle to me. oh well. love the polish and your key caps!!! those are soooo adorable. pandas and penguins? i'm a sucker for them.

Jenny said...

i haven't really been in the mood for makeup though because of the hot and humid weather! SIGH

your toes are orange! so are MINE! hahaha hope that didn't come off as ditzy lol

i love key accessories! i bought one of minnie's head at disney and it makes me smile whenever is use it to open my house lock ^^

wow talk about low mainty pets! i have hamsters right now and i thought those were low maintenance!

i have side bangs but because of the weather they've been pretty much clipped up everyday, i don't think thats going to change until the weather gets cooler :P i like longer hair for the summer so that i can clip everything up or tie my hair in a ponytail :D

Karen said...

Hi Diana! Wow how cool is that to have frogs in a self sustaining ecosytem! Not sure if I'd be too scared to hold them as pets once in a while. Did you hatch them from tadpoles? We don't have a Brookstone store here....
About your question on how my curls hold in place, sometimes I use a light hold hairspray but that's only to keep my hair from flying into my face (like keep the curls back if that makes sense). I don't use anything to hold curls in my hair - only a bit of heat protectant spray or shine serum. My hair holds curls quite well....the only time it doesn't is if I'm using like dry hair rollers. But if I use a heated curling iron it works well.
Love your key caps :) So cute. I have hello kitty ones. And I love the coral colour nail polish on your pedicure. That's neat that the pigmentation is good enough for one coat - most of my polishes require 2-3 coats :\

Ansa said...

Love the nail polish xx