Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturdayyyyyyy (Pic Heavy)

My boyfriend is finally back from school so we decided to chill today. We went to Mitsuwa and a few other places afterwards. Overall just a relaxing and fun day. Didn't rain at all, even though it was supposed to, and it was nice and warm. Too lazy to write too much so I'll just post up the pics from today. =)

On the way there... thought this was a cool looking building.

Beautiful dayyy

I love taking cloud pictures lol.

Double motorcycle date ;p

Finally there..

Saw this cute car while parking =)


Then dessert. They are really well known for their green tea ice cream here and the line was pretty long but moved quickly.

Me with my ice cream lol

What I'm wearing in this outfit:
Dress from Max Studio.
Sandals from Urban Outfitters.

Love the detailing on the dress.

Hmm, what was I looking at aside from my ice cream?


Things I picked up from Mitsuwa:

The cooling effects of this was so intense that it burned for a few seconds!

Wet q-tips

Refills :)

We went to the mall and did a little shopping afterwards but all I got was :

Icing by Claires nail polish. This was on sale for $10, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Haven't tested out the formula yet, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to give these cute colors a shot. Most likely will be going on my toes for the summer since I can only do office appropriate colors for now.

I got this as a surprise today.

My boyfriend knew I wanted some China Glaze polishes but had no luck finding them in NY, closest I can go is NJ for these lol. He found a place for these near his school (turned out to be a Sally's lol) and picked this up for me because of the name...

Love letters! So it's like he's giving me love letters haha <3

We next stopped by

for some snacks then went off to dinner in K-town.

I hope this wasn't too many pictures, but I like capturing my day like this =P

Until next time lovlies,



Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I must say your BF is awesomely sweet :D Love letters? That is what a nice boy should for a gal :)

You look so cute in the green dress! The ice cream looks so yummy!

Angelique said...

Yay! It seems like you had a great day Diana! :] I love looking at pictures, so post away! hehe

Your day is totally something that I love to do! The Rohto eye drops are a bit scary after reading how they burned a lil! I've been wanting to try it though.

That is majorly sweet of your boyfriend!!! Aren't the littlest things like that so cute & thoughtful?? :D

The Claires polishes are pretty though. I'm already eying that orange one hehe... I've been loving those colors lately!! But it sucks that you have to go to NJ to get some.

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! <3

xbbkay said...

i have the icing nail polishes too! and that china glaze loveletter is so cute. lol, youre bf is thoughtful.

i love green tea icecream. i always have it when i go out to eat sushi. it's soooooooooo good. omg.

Karen said...

That's such a pretty name for the nail polish your bf got for you :)
How sweet of him to think of you!
OMG Shiseido shampoo and conditioner have been my lifesaver for the past couple of months that I discovered them at an Asian grocer. it's soooo moisturizing!
Haven't come across wet q-tips before - that's interesting!
I've heard of those cooling eye drops from other blogs as well. I just use basic eye drops for my contact lenses - so far the best one I've tried is a brand called "systane". No cooling/stinging effect. It's very moisturizing though.
I love pretty clouds too! And green tea ice cream is yummy when it's done well - esp with deep friend banana. Have you have deep fried banana with green tea ice cream as a desert?

- susy - said...

That's super sweet of your boyfriend!!!!! I wish mine would do that. Instead, he would probably pull up to this nail surprlus store we keep passing by in his area and tell me to have a field day while he waits in the car, ahhahaa. I hope you do swatches soooooon.
And I have Rhoto drops and those wet qtips I swear by those things!!! The Rhoto drops burn but they burn so good.. so so so so good.

giang said...

u look so darlinggg!! i go to mitsuwa for refillable packets of the the tsubaki shampoo, too! best shampoo thus far! :) glad you had a nice weekend! <<333

AnNeTtEe said...

I love this post!! I love lookin at pictures! u take beautiful pictures... & don't apologize for the pictures! it seems like a lovely day & u would regret it if I didn't capture that.... awww... your boyfriend is so sweet!! =) I wish my man would be that involved in things I love... awwww...

btw, I have an award waiting for you in my blog... come get it when u get the chance... =) thanks!!

Serena said...

Seems like you and your bf had a lovely day. I want to go back to Mitsuwa! Mine probably isn't as nice as yours but better than nothing.

Your lunch and dessert pictures are making me hungry. {*GAH!} I haven't learned. I told myself no blogging late at night because I'm always bound to read a post filled with food pictures. {*LOL} Shame on me for breaking my rule.

That is SOO sweet of your bf to hunt down the China Glaze polishes. My BF would NEVER do that for me. The closest thing I can see him doing is giving me money to go buy it myself. {*LOL} He probably wouldn't even go in the car with me to the store.

<3s Serena.