Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CalGel & Candy!

So as Diana mentioned in her last post, we went to get Calgel nails recently. 

Sorry the picture quality isn't so good. I'm not quite sure what to say about the quality. I haven't gotten any chipping yet but 3 out of 10 rhinestones have already fallen off. =/

But on a random, happier note, I stopped by the Toys R Us in Times Square the other day and saw some really cute candy that I couldn't resist buying! 
I bought a My Melody Pez dispenser. SO CUTE! There were Hello Kitty ones too but I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty so I got the My Melody one instead. I also bought a . . .

Keroppi Tin! Inside are apple sour candy. 

Yea, this is sort of random but sometimes I'm a total sucker for cute things.

Hope your week is going well!

<3 Winsley

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Goody Modern Updo Maker

The Goody Modern Updo Maker seemed to be the answer to creating sleek 'dos effortlessly. I had pretty high hopes when I first purchased this from Duane Reade. Running at $7, it claims that three styles can be attained with this tool. So far, I've only been able to master the "Modern Updo," which is essentially a french twist. The other two styles are just variations of this: using it to put up only half of your hair or letting the ends hang over the bun part. It's not rocket science, nor impossible, but a learning curve is involved. 

  1. Easy to use once you get the hang of the technique.
  2. Great alternative to a pony tail when you want your hair up.
  3. Price is fairly reasonable, considering that it can last you a long time. (However, there is a paint problem that I will address later.)
  1.  Instructions on box are not clear. You probably have to google or youtube how to use this.
  2. Takes many attempts to make it stable and tight enough hair doesn't slip out.
  3. It might just be me, but for the updo with the ends hanging over the bun, it seems to look weird with my straight hair. I would see this working better for those with curly, wavy hair.
  4. Could be painful if used too closely to the scalp. When you flip the bun and insert, it may be too tight, thus pulling on your hair.
  5. Only two color selections: Blonde or Brunette. Brunette being a light bronze color.
  6. The color of the tool is actually coats of paint...that chips off. 
Note the paint chip. Keep in mind I have been using this for only about a week. Because you want your hair to be secure, constant friction against the tool wears away the paint. But seriously, after only one week? Okay, so you can't see it once it's in your hair, but every time you use it, paint will be coming off.

Anyway, here are pics on how it actually looks like once you get it to work.

Would I recommend it? I really don't know. It's something that you just have to try out for yourself and see how much it works for you. Considering that I have long, layered, thick hair, it will probably be easier for someone who has less layers and such. On occasion, I can get this to work, but if I'm in a rush Monday morning, I wouldn't bother with this.

Onto something that makes me happier: Calgel nails! Winsley and I got them done last week. There will probably be a picture of Winsley's nails in the next post, but for now, you get to see mine.

That's it for now! :)

If you have tried the Modern Updo Maker, what do you think?
If you have not, do you plan on trying it?

xo, Diana

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mod About You Meets Rumple's Wiggin'

*Please excuse the dry cuticles >_<

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hair and Nails

I dyed my hair last week since my highlights were growing out and starting to look brassy. I figured that I would go darker so my new hair growth would transition into the dyed parts. Hopefully, that will be the case and that the dye wont fade too much.

So this is what I used: (sorry for the poor quality pic, courtesy of google)



I guess it's not that different, but I'm glad the color evened out a bit.

Now onto the nails. This is just two coats of the face shop's nail color in RD 301. Can't say much for the lasting power because I painted konad and glitter polish over two days later.

Konad done with plate m63. I used the green polish from the Icing set I got a  couple of weeks ago. I don't bother buying the "special" polishes for konad because you can just use regular polish. Just choose extreme colors and expect the results to be a bit muted. Plus, it's a good way to use up your current colors, especially if they are colors you don't use often.

I figured I needed to glam them up a bit more so I added one layer of Milani's "Disco Lights."  See the spahkleee?

Here's everything I used numbered in order.

Close up of the plate I used.

I also did a bit of nail polish shopping yesterday and picked up a few items.

Mod About You:

I hope you ladies enjoy the rest of your week!

xo, Diana

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Collective Haul

Hey Ladies,

Today's post is gonna be a collective haul from Sasa, Canada and various places in NYC. Be forewarned, this post is very picture heavy! ^.~

Let me start off with a pic of how my nails look today:

All I used was clear nail polish and some very fine white iridescent glitter. Its just a simple semi-clean look.

Now on to the haul! Diana and I did some online shopping at Sasa and picked up a "few" items. hehe. 
I picked up some nail art glitter. Now I can go crazy with the bling!

Pink grapefruit scented oil blotting sheets!

Since there have been such good reviews about the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack, I thought it is time for me to give it a try. When I opened it, it smelled EXACTLY like strawberry yogurt. Yum! I think it's gonna take a lot a will power to keep from licking it when I have it on my face lol.

This is supposed to be a very good spot whitening serum. And that fact that it's limited edition. . . just gotta give it a try!

decided to get a mask bowl set. it'll come in handy one day right? It comes with measuring spoons, the bowl, a brush and a spatula. The green color wouldn't have been my first choice but they didn't let you choose the color. :(

I totally forgot the purpose of this, but it's SO CUTE!!

I've heard a lot about Skin Food masks so I decided to pick one up. Smells soooo good!

When I went to Montreal I saw GOSH products at a pharmacy called PharmaPrix. I wanted to try at least one product from them since GOSH isn't sold in the US. I decided to pick up a lip gloss. 
There really isn't a color to it. It mostly goes on clear. Its not really sticky and its really smooth. 
I didn't really get much in Montreal. Was too busy sightseeing lol

Went to Walgreens a while ago and picked up the Mega Shine top coat and the new Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment for strength. 

I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I really like the Mega Shine. It's supposed to make your nails look super shiny, make your manicure last for 10 days and it's also supposed to dry in 60 seconds. It does make my nails really shiny and it does dry in 60 seconds but if your nail polish underneath is not completely dry, and you accidentally brush your nails against something, it won't mess up your nails like usual, it will cause wrinkles in your nail polish though since the top coat as already completely dried. I haven't really been able to test out the claim about the manicure lasting for 10 days since I do my nails so often, I very rarely keep the same nail polish on for 10 days. As for the Continuous Treatment for strength, I really haven't noticed a difference in the strength of my nails. I guess I'll test it out for a while longer.

My MAC Technakohl eyeliner broke so I had to go get a new one :(

I also got the Konad system. It takes some practice but after I got used to it, I'm really liking it!

That's it for now. Let me know if you'd like any reviews of any of the aforementioned products!

Have a good weekend ladies!

< 3 Winsley

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Summer, Hot Color!

Hey girls,

I know I haven't updated in such a long time but I've been a little too busy with school and work. No summer vacay for me :( I finally have a chance to post on the blog even though this is a short post. Just wanted to share what color I'm currently wearing on my nails. 

Nail Polish : Santa Fe Mauve from Essie.
Design: from Konad plate # M36
The color looks kind of muted in the picture but it is actually a lot brighter in person. 

Just came back from a 4 day weekend in Montreal and picked up a few items from there. A haul/review of the items will soon follow!

<3 Winsley