Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Goody Modern Updo Maker

The Goody Modern Updo Maker seemed to be the answer to creating sleek 'dos effortlessly. I had pretty high hopes when I first purchased this from Duane Reade. Running at $7, it claims that three styles can be attained with this tool. So far, I've only been able to master the "Modern Updo," which is essentially a french twist. The other two styles are just variations of this: using it to put up only half of your hair or letting the ends hang over the bun part. It's not rocket science, nor impossible, but a learning curve is involved. 

  1. Easy to use once you get the hang of the technique.
  2. Great alternative to a pony tail when you want your hair up.
  3. Price is fairly reasonable, considering that it can last you a long time. (However, there is a paint problem that I will address later.)
  1.  Instructions on box are not clear. You probably have to google or youtube how to use this.
  2. Takes many attempts to make it stable and tight enough hair doesn't slip out.
  3. It might just be me, but for the updo with the ends hanging over the bun, it seems to look weird with my straight hair. I would see this working better for those with curly, wavy hair.
  4. Could be painful if used too closely to the scalp. When you flip the bun and insert, it may be too tight, thus pulling on your hair.
  5. Only two color selections: Blonde or Brunette. Brunette being a light bronze color.
  6. The color of the tool is actually coats of paint...that chips off. 
Note the paint chip. Keep in mind I have been using this for only about a week. Because you want your hair to be secure, constant friction against the tool wears away the paint. But seriously, after only one week? Okay, so you can't see it once it's in your hair, but every time you use it, paint will be coming off.

Anyway, here are pics on how it actually looks like once you get it to work.

Would I recommend it? I really don't know. It's something that you just have to try out for yourself and see how much it works for you. Considering that I have long, layered, thick hair, it will probably be easier for someone who has less layers and such. On occasion, I can get this to work, but if I'm in a rush Monday morning, I wouldn't bother with this.

Onto something that makes me happier: Calgel nails! Winsley and I got them done last week. There will probably be a picture of Winsley's nails in the next post, but for now, you get to see mine.

That's it for now! :)

If you have tried the Modern Updo Maker, what do you think?
If you have not, do you plan on trying it?

xo, Diana


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

LOVE the updo and your nails! It reminds me of how celebrities look on the red carpet :)

Susie said...

I knew that pin was too good to be true :P I want to test it out still though, haha. It looks great in your hair =)

April said...

Wowsers your hair looks soo good with it on! You did a better job than I did! Please make a YouTube video!!!

Nikki San said...

Wow!! Your hairstyle is like wow, it looks perfect for me. =)

Jenny said...

wow! your updo looks like so professional! these little hair gadgets NEVER work on me :( my hair is too thin and slippery! i can hardly even braid my hair!

cocoabee said...

thanks : D your nails look very pretty !

Popcorn said...

I would love to try it, however I have a little longer than shoulder-length hair. The bun looks amazing though~

hehehe sooo.... do you plan on doing a post of your collection of lippies? nudges* :D

Karen said...

I haven't heard of Calgel nails - they're super pretty! French manicures make such a huge difference.
No I haven't tried the Modern Updo Maker but I did have something rather similar in idea years ago. It basically made a nice bun updo out of a ponytail. I know it can hurt if you insert the thing too close to your scalp or if the ponytail was too tight. Yeah, it does take practice. But this one sounds like a bit of effort - to youtube how it works and that it's not great if you're in a rush. I want something to work if I'm in a rush! LOL. But the updo is very chic and classy. Too bad the brunette colour is really bronze and chipping off colour so quickly though :\
In the picture you asked about I'm wearing MAC Creme Cup with a random MAC lipgloss - but it's really the Creme Cup lipstick that gave the colour here. It's my favourite lipstick from their permanent line.

- susy - said...

WHOA. Frmheadtotoe Jen just tweeted about this today. I didn't even realize you had blogged about it already!!! Thanks for the photos, that really does help me.
Your hair looks so sleek and coiffed using that tool. Maybe I should try it.. I don't know though, $7 is steep for something that chipped within a week. I also have a ton of hair, but no layers... I'll think about it LOL

AnnaYJia said...

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Karen said...

Hey Diana - I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog ;)
Looking forward to your answers! Have a lovely day

Serena said...


How are you? Your nails look so fresh and clean. I feel like getting gel nails no too. I've been hearing about these recently. >.< I want to get the glitter-ish one.

That hair pin looks cool and your bun came out stunning. I'm tempted to get it but I don't think I have enough hair to make good use of the pin. {*LOL} I only need 3 pins to keep my hair up but it doesn't guarantee that it won't get loose. {*blah}

<3s Serena,