Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hair and Nails

I dyed my hair last week since my highlights were growing out and starting to look brassy. I figured that I would go darker so my new hair growth would transition into the dyed parts. Hopefully, that will be the case and that the dye wont fade too much.

So this is what I used: (sorry for the poor quality pic, courtesy of google)



I guess it's not that different, but I'm glad the color evened out a bit.

Now onto the nails. This is just two coats of the face shop's nail color in RD 301. Can't say much for the lasting power because I painted konad and glitter polish over two days later.

Konad done with plate m63. I used the green polish from the Icing set I got a  couple of weeks ago. I don't bother buying the "special" polishes for konad because you can just use regular polish. Just choose extreme colors and expect the results to be a bit muted. Plus, it's a good way to use up your current colors, especially if they are colors you don't use often.

I figured I needed to glam them up a bit more so I added one layer of Milani's "Disco Lights."  See the spahkleee?

Here's everything I used numbered in order.

Close up of the plate I used.

I also did a bit of nail polish shopping yesterday and picked up a few items.

Mod About You:

I hope you ladies enjoy the rest of your week!

xo, Diana


Winnie* said...

I like the new hair color! its darker but not super dark, very close to your natural color? and good choices on the polishes! i also love nail envy. its such a great product and its the only product that really works on my poor conditioned nails. they are a lot harder since I have used it :) mod about you compliments your skintone very nicely! there are just so many choices sometimes id pick the wrong one that makes my hands look so yellow -_-. you have such good skills paining your nails! id totally make a mess lol

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Your hair after coloring looks so shiny!

I like your nail design! Looks soo nice and neat

Susie said...

I like your new hair color! Your hair looks so healthy & soft! I just want to run my fingers through it! Lmao! :D Your nails are cute!!

Karen said...

Hi Diana :) I like your new hair colour as well - it's a nice rich brown. I need to colour my hair soon as well - this is a good reminder for me!
OMG I love your nails esp with the glitter on top. Good tip with letting us know we can use regular nail polish (contrasting colours)with the konad plates. I've been thinking about getting the konad plates. Did it take you awhile to get a hang of using the plates? Your Mod About You nail polish colour is so pretty. It's not that easy for me to find a nice pink creamy shade like that that doesn't come out too sheer. Great pick!

I've heard lots of good things about the OPI nail envy. I look forward to your review on it!

susies1955 said...

I like the new color too. Deeper darker richer. :)
Love the nail color and the Konading is so cool.
Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't remember who has entered.
I'm having a new giveaway:

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hi Diana, :D

I always feel that way too, esp during the day. Try highlighting when you go out in the evenings or on overcast days :p That's what I usually do!

- susy - said...

Hey hey hey even if you think the dye isn't that much of a difference it's all good! Better than having a disaster horror story!
Those OPI polishes are nice.

Karmen said...

your nail painting skills are strongly coveted ;]