Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Summer, Hot Color!

Hey girls,

I know I haven't updated in such a long time but I've been a little too busy with school and work. No summer vacay for me :( I finally have a chance to post on the blog even though this is a short post. Just wanted to share what color I'm currently wearing on my nails. 

Nail Polish : Santa Fe Mauve from Essie.
Design: from Konad plate # M36
The color looks kind of muted in the picture but it is actually a lot brighter in person. 

Just came back from a 4 day weekend in Montreal and picked up a few items from there. A haul/review of the items will soon follow!

<3 Winsley


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Aw, so pretty! :) The pink is so sharp. It does remind me of the heat in Santa Fe :)

Miss♥Nikka said...

Butterflies! Omg that is too cute!

giang said...

the butterflies compliment the nail colors so well! so cute!


lovely nail art!

Susie said...

So cute :D