Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The New 'Do

Thank you all for the hair suggestions! I finally went to get it done today after my final. I decided to get highlights and a slight trim. The color is a mix of ash brown with a hint of blonde (supposedly gets rid of red undertones). I was going for the natural look since I needed something office appropriate. It doesn't look that different from pictures in my previous post, but I think it came out pretty decent.

Natural lighting, no flash:

With flash:

Haha, is there even a difference? -_-

Top view:

What do you guys think?

xo, Diana


- susy - said...

very subtle. me likey!

Gaby said...

I prefer subtle highlights over the big and obvious ones. Those look great on you!

Angelique said...

It's a subtle change. Pretty! :]

Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

love your hair! and love the subtle highlights :) your hair looks so healthy! :)

Susie said...

I like it :D

& finals are next week but I'm terrified :( hahaha.

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

it looks really natural! The highlights are great!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

It's very nice! Glad you went to do it :) I like how it looks nice the highlights look :D Very pretty!

iamlisaaa said...

oooh cute! the last time i dyed my hair was 7 years ago! lol but i love my black hair.

cookie and mocha are shihtzu's. i have 2 more (their daughters). :)

i actually bought the kose mask from ebay but they have it on imomoko.com and evecare. i haven't bought anything from those sites so i just opted for ebay (which is actually less convincing but whatevsss! lol)

stellarvixen said...

i miss highlights!
veryy nice..give your hair some body and volume effect!

am soo bored with my hair now lol
i want it to grow longer..taking ages sniff sniff

thanks for visiting my blog sweetie!
will be reading yours too!

i'll take mum & the family for a nice high tea~~

Anonymous said...

liking the new haircut (;

LS said...

I love it! I want to dye my hair lighter so bad but I already dyed it black so Im waiting for it to grow out :(

Im a follower of yours and new to makeup blogging and would love if you could check my blog out as well if you like :)


Karen said...

Hi Diana! I love your new highlights. It's subtle but still noticeable and pretty :)

Adeline said...

the highlights looks good on you!! =)

lucy said...

I love the highlights♥ :)

tinypaperheart said...

i love how silky and flowy your hair looks! :)

iamlisaaa said...

it's this one (i included ebay links too in case you didn't want to buy from imomoko):




the link you sent me is a cleanser/exfoliater. it's pretty good too.

iamlisaaa said...

lol no problem. did you buy it?!

Serena said...

AHH! I actually screamed a bit when I saw your post. {*HAHA}
I LOVE IT! It is a very natural look but still a change from your real natural hair. I think you made a good choice. =] I feel like everyone is getting motivated by one another to dye their hair. It's so awesome!

My eye color is actually a lighter brown in sunlight sometimes. I got it from my mom.

<3 Serena.