Sunday, May 2, 2010

Falsies, OOTD, The Face Shop, Hair

Yay for 2 posts in a week! Haha, so today was my first time wearing falsies. I bought super natural ones that looked light weight. I think the brand is Ardell... don't really remember since I threw away the packaging ages ago. (Bad blogging habits! Forgot to take a picture beforehand >_<)

Sooo, I don't know why this next pic came out so dark >_< but you get the idea.


Military jacket from Forever 21.
Dress from Urban Outfitters.
Sandals from Etienne Aigner.

I also stopped by The Face Shop today and picked these up:

This is random, but check out my blingin' itouch case:

Lately I've been having this huge urge to do something with my hair. I'm definitely getting a trim but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should highlight or dye my entire head. 
Here are some pics of my hair in different lighting.

What color should I dye/highlight? I would love you hear your suggestions!
xo, Diana


Susie said...

Those eyelashes you got look very natural! I like that you can see your camera & hand in your eye! Haha, that's so neat!!! I love your outfit! :D Very cute! & your iTouch case, omg<3333

Go a light brown since summer is coming up :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Love the outfit! You look really pretty :)

The lashes look so natural!! :D I've tried Ardell ones before as well but it was a mess for me to wear :p These look great on you though :D

Cyd said...

OMG, I picked up the same the face shop spot treatment thing too...i went to 34th lol..and i really really like your looks like something i would wear it so come i can never find anything good at forever21? this is pissing me off....

- susy - said...

:( dammit. the closest Face Shop to me is an hour away. You're killing me here, killin me!! jk jk jk jk.

i'm in the same boat as you with the hair thing. I say you go for a lot of layers and maybe some bangs. you'd be soooo cute for that since you're petite and your style is simple chic! do it do it.

ALdO AKiRA said...

i LiKe uR POSTiNg deaR..

PLeaSE ViSIt My MaKeUp bLoG:

Phuong said...

nice make-up and dress

iamlisaaa said...

boo we don't have a face shop in atl. they seriously need to branch out and make more. we have a buttload of amore stores though.

love your hair as is! looks like it's already highlighted in the sun

giang said...

loveee this, babes! the outfit is super cute and so is your face! hooray for more posts!! i'm so excited to visit the newly opened face shop here in la some time this month, let me know how the spot treatment works for you! <33

lisasuar said...

cute!!! :D
you should do low light!! low lights are easier to maintain than high lights because you`ll need to always dye it when your roots grow, but with low lights, its under your hair so its not as noticeable! :D

Angelique said...

awww love the lashes! It really does look natural! hahaha is that the outfit you were trying on when we were replying on Twitter?? ;]

Cute outfit!

Hmmm... Maybe a nice lighter milk chocolate brown?? I have a hard time picking out hair colors on myself -_-. It takes me forever!

Karen said...

Hi Diana! Way to go on an awesome job with the falsies. Could you let me know what lash glue you used by any chance? I use DUO clear glue and I always get a bit of a white line against the false lash base. I don't think I'm using too much glue or else it would get onto the actual lashes itself...and I always need to use eye liner on top after I apply the lashes to hide the glue a bit :\
Your Urban Outfitters dress is really pretty and simple. I like it!
Hmmmm...most people look best in their natural hair colour. But despite that, it is fun to play with colours. I've gone a bit reddish - that was my last attempt at changing it up a bit. I've also had blonde highlights before for quite some time - very damaging but I guess we should all go blonde just once! ;) I'm not sure what to suggest since there's endless ideas - but I think you'd probably like it most if you stayed within a few shades of your natural hair colour. So maybe a few highlights (caramel maybe?) and a lighter base colour?

tinypaperheart said...

you are adorable! your hair looks amazinggg :)

Irene said...

I LOVE lashes of all types - those are very light & natural and pretty!!! Love your look!

I also love you outfit - is that Urban Outfitters from the Kimchi blue line?

Also, can't get over how awesome your itouch case is - did you do it yourself? :D

Karen said...

Hi again Diana! No I don't think it's weird that you haven't been clubbing yet. Hmmm....are you even old enough to drink yet? I think you're pretty young and if you're not old enough to drink legally, then clubbing isn't as fun :\ I'm not into all ages nightclubs and never have been. But maybe you can check out a club with your girlfriends one weekend :) A first for everything right?
You did an awesome job for putting on falsies for the first time! Thank you so much for letting me know what glue you used. I haven't tried Ardell Lash Grip glue but I know it's Duo's running contender. I use the clear Duo glue because I remember one youtube guru was saying that with the dark Duo glue, if you chose to use a colour liner instead of a dark brown/black, the Duo glue will make the colour liner not show up.
Looking forward to your new hair colour and/or style :)

Cydia said...

LOL, hey the faceshop thing is it tomorrow or is next wednesday?

jenniferleeyt said...

I've actually only seen deepthroat blush on people on youtube and online so I actually have never seen it in person but glitter doesn't do too well on my skin either...

Thanks for the tip!
Your hair looks sooo nice!

stellarvixen said...

niceee military jacket!

i got myself a biker jacket from HK~
our weather in KL is too hot&humid for jackets :S

hardly get to wear it zzZZZ

am so lazy with falsie recently haha
lack of patience and the warm weather again :P

Anonymous said...

Wow they look super natural on you =] (eyelashes)

*Anita* said...

cute outfit! and those lashes really do look very natural :) i like the way your hair looks under sunlight. mb you can try a colour close to that! xx

KittyTse said...

I remember my first time wearing falsies at a 1940s style Pin-up photoshoot. Thought that they were mighty uncomfortable at the time! My opinion didn't change when I had to wear some falsies with feathers at the end of them for a fashion photoshoot... but then I read this entry and am prepared to give it a shot when I find some ultra-light ones! Cheers :)