Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Goodies

I couldn't help but resist picking something up form the new tokidoki collection at Sephora. Although everything was really cute, I only ended up getting two things that I can really use.  Everything else had too much glitter and sparkle for me. The lip glosses looked amazing packaging wise, but on the lips, the colors were pretty much clear. The scent also bothered me. I can't really pinpoint what it was, but it reminded me of cough medicine. >_<

Anyway, so here's the Diamantes palette I picked up:

This is the cute little charm it comes with. Each palette has a different one.

The side view!

Out of all the other palettes, I think I would use these the most, aside from the neutrals but I already have a lot. ;p

I also picked up their sugar free mints! I love love love this packaging and it was only 5 bucks.

There's a mirror inside!!!

I feel the need to go back and get more!

To match my camera, these were my nails recently:

Sephora by OPI: Sample Sale

I love this color so much that I wanted back ups of it, but it was sold out in every Sephora in NYC. However, Winsley managed to find them and snagged me 3 backups! So now, I have 5 bottles of this total. Crazyyy, ahhaa. I bet I have enough to last me till I'm 50. =P Thanks Winsley! <3

(btw, please ignore the messy paint job up top)

Moving on, I've really been liking this lipgloss lately. It's a peachy coral and I think it would look great on top of MAC's Ever Hip lipstick from the Liberty collection. This is Maybelline's Triple Yum. I'm not sure if this has been discontinued or not, but when I bought it there was a sticker that said "Limited Edition."

This is on my bare lips, nothing under it.

This is pretty random, but I wanted to share some pics of these cute snacks I recently got:

The sponge bob is a marshmallow pop and the fishes are so jellies.

This is a giant gummy bear I got from Dave and Busters. It's so huge, I don't even know how I'm going to finish it.

Here's a picture of it next to the mints for a size comparison.

I hope every has a great weekend!

xo, Diana


iamlisaaa said...

i want the luminosa powder!!! soooooo pretty. my friend talked me out of it :( should've just bought it.

Cyd said...

SO, you have 5 backups of that nail polish? Damn, well you have good taste with nail polishes hahahaa

so, how you like that collection beside the lipstick?? Its really cute tho but i am not sure if i should try anything from it...beside if that brand have something interesting i should try beside the eyeshadows lol

Iyah said...

yay for Diamante palette! =) Such a pretty palette and we have the same digi cam :P

Serena said...

Tokidoki!! The packaging of this line is so adorable. I haven't actually seen them in person yet but I've seen a lot of posts on them.

I really like the palette you got. These are colors you could definitely wear all the time.

Dang 5 back ups? {*HAHA} That's crazy. I don't usually get backups because I don't paint my nails enough. You must really love this color. I can see why.

The Maybelline gloss is a really nice color. I really like natural looking lips. =] I must keep an eye out for this limited edition. Hopefully they're still in stores.

<3 Serena.

giang said...

tokidoki looks superrrr cute! :) and u have such nice shaped lips!

Angelique said...

LOL Diana, you made me laugh when I read you comment! ;p THanks for "hollering" at me!! hehe

About your question, I only exfoliate 1-2x a week depending on the product I use (like if it's gentle or not)... but no more than that or else my skin will just get irritated.

Love the eyeshadow palette you bought!! Seeing all these tokidoki purchases is making me want to buy some stuff from that line!!

That Maybelline lipgloss is really pretty!! If it's still selling, I'll definitely look out for it since I do have Ever Hip :p

Enjoy all your cute snacks/candies!! <33

Irene said...

Ooooh Tokidoki!!! :) I love the palette but could only choose on thing at're making we want to go back and get the eye quad now lol! I would have chosen Diamante too out of all the choices - <3

I LOVE that lippie from Maybelline on you! It's a shame it is LE :(

haha I was craving gummy bears on Friday...that one looks SO about a sugar rush! (more like a sugar downpour)

- susy - said...

The TokiDOki collection.. I donno. I think it's all just the packaging and you're right, I highly doubt i'd really use much of it. That's kind of how I felt about the MAC Liberty of London collection. The packaging was so pretty but I wasn't really impressed with the colors. Maybe i'll check it out? wHo knows..

Winnie* said...

omg the packaging is so adorable! besides that idk haha BUT I WANT THE BEAR!!!! it looks so cute. Does it come with different flavors?? i want a green one of it.

lucy said...

that lipgloss looks gorgeous! I must get my hands on it♥

naturalnchicmakeup said...

What a beautiful lipgloss color. I'm going to hunt this down. Does it smell funny? Thanks for sharing!

AnNeTtEe said...

awesome haul!! i love the l/g on you... you have such pretty lips.. i'm so jealous!!!