Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Nail Polish For Fall

Hey girls,

I have been so bogged down with work and school starting that I didn't have time to post. But now since school has started for about 3 weeks now and I finally have adjusted to the flow of things, I'll be posting more often. :)

So the other day I had some time so I popped into Walgreens and Duane Reade to browse. I wound up buying 5 bottles of nail polish which is something I try not to do since I'm running out of space in my nail polish drawer! 

Not all the nail polish was interesting. I had to buy a plain black and a plain white since I feel like these are staples that I should have. Mine dried out since they were pretty old so I decided to get some replacements! Now on to the more interesting colors. Since Autumn is fast approaching, I wanted to get a deeper color. I wound up getting "Siberian Nights" from OPI. It's a deep plum color that suits the crispness of Autumn. 

I've been into glitter lately. I wound up buying 2 glitter top coats. Revlon has a new glitter top coat called "Galaxy" which has black, blue and silver glitter with some chunkier hexagonal iridescent glitter too. I think it would look good paired over a dark color. Putting it over a light color might not be too appealing since the black glitter will seem too jarring and out of place. In the picture below I paired it up with "Metro Chic" from Sephora by OPI since it's an in between color so you can see what I mean about it looking better with dark colors.

The second glitter nail polish I got was from Sinful Colors called "Frenzy". It really is a frenzy of colors. It's all purple and blue glitter. It reminds me of "It's Bouquet With Me" from Sephora by OPI.

I've also been really liking this base coat lately. My polish is able to stay un-chipped for about a week under normal circumstances. It's the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat. It may look white in the picture and in the bottle but it goes on clear. 

I guess that's it for now. Posts will be more frequent since I've gotten into the rhythm of things :)

<3 Winsley


Anastacia said...

what a nice haul! loveeee your new glittery polishes :)

Fashion-rocks said...

Love the polishes. I need some new nail varnishes for fall. I can't keep wearing bright colours.

Elisa Lee said...

I like the glittery one =D