Monday, February 22, 2010

[Di]ana & [Wi]nsley's Night Out

 We started the night out by strolling Kmart for goodies. We didn't buy much, but ended taking some pictures, lol.

We thought this packaging was funny with the "vintage" look.

Here's Winsley with the box, rocking her new leather jacket.

 Afterwards we headed to the East Village to eat sushi at May's Place. Here's Winsley with her grub.

Then me...

Lychee Sakeeeee

Pretty stars on the ceiling. (I'm a huge star lover.)

Secret snapshot of the chefs, gotta love 'em stalker skills, hahaha.

Graffiti in the bathroom. -_-

Me with my blingin' scarf. <3

After dinner, we took another stroll and ended up in Walgreens.

Blessue Tissue? LOL

xoxo, Diana


Cyd said...

awwww thanks Diana!! lol i dunno way to love seems kinda too light on me..and im NC30 for MAC....and yea i love viva glam VI =P

btw, i just followed u on twitter =]

xbbkay said...

hi Diana! thanks for coming by. i use to be afarid of bright colours also, but now i'm just in love with it. It takes time, but eventually when u find the lipstick that makes u fall in love, you will convert! haha.

I never knew k-mart still existed. i thought they went bannktrupt??? HMmm...

Anywas, takecare babe,


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Idk what just happened,but "Your comment will be visible after approval." just appeared & I didn't write anything on your page yet. So if you get some weird comment, ignore it. lol

But RYC - Idk if they're available instore. I've never seen them, I've only found them online.

Susie said...

Mmm sushi!
When I use the creme shadow I get a tiny bit of creasing even when I use UDPP :/ I have really oily lids but it's not THAT bad, lol.

DSK Steph said...

The old school raisin brand! That's too cool! :)

I'm glad I had that class as an elective option ^_^

It was more fun than an academic class lol. But it did help me in my personal life a lot!

leslielovesmakeup said...

hi! the lashes are by Model 21. just search them up in ebay and you should find a seller. i reuse them all the time also!

lisaa__ said...

thanks so much for the compliment! :) your blog is great! imma start following you! :)

mmmmm sushi!! :D

MizzDestinee said...

I guess alot of families like to say their own children are adopted for fun LOL The sushi looks yum! now I'm craving for some sushi!!

Peter said...

weird... i see 2 local people i know im your comments lol

your welcome? :)

Kitty said...

Ha, brilliant, I just had raisin bran for breakfast Mmmm

Kitty said...

Thanks for following! xx