Monday, March 8, 2010

FOTD, OOTD, and lashes on crack? LOL

Hey lovelies, this is just a quick update before I resume my schoolwork. -_- is how I feel right now. I'd much rather be blogging than finishing my drawing assignment for my still life class.

But anyway, here's the FOTD:

This is just an easy neutral look that I wear on a daily basis.

Next up, is what I wore:

The dress is from Macy's and the shoes are from Steve Madden.

Sorry, the pictures aren't that clear, I'm still working on finding the right place and angles to take these photos. And it was night time, so the lighting was bad lol.

Recently, I've noticed that my lashes have gotten longer, or maybe it's just the way I'm applying mascara. No idea, but I just wanted to include some pictures.

Left eye:

Right eye:

That's it for now. I hope you ladies have a lovely week and enjoy the nice weather!

xo, Diana


Irene said...

I love your look! The high-waisted skirt is so cute!!! Every girl knows that Macy's is a shopper's (and bargain hunter's) paradise ;)

Susie said...

You are very naturally pretty (: I love your outfit! The booties are so freaking cute!

Angelique said...

Love your outfit!!! & yayyy for long eyelashes :]

Cyd said...

You're really pretty hehehehee and I loveee your bootiessss =]
BTW, i've tagged you. a blog award =]

aretha said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. =)

Yea me too! I really want one but its very pricey for what you get (only oil blotters and a lip balm >.<). And I can't decide which set i like better!

lady s. said...

ahhh such a tiny waistline!! ah what i wouldn't give to be so young and skinny again. i can't wear dresses like that. love the dress though, the skirt portion is GORGEOUS

what camera are you using??

Keisha said...

please check out my blog! :)

have you ever triedfiberwig mascara?? i want to try it but dont want to buy it and it be a waste of money lol

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Cute booties!! I Love Them!! I've actually been looking for a new pair of cute ones XD