Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank You & Updates!

First off, I would like to thank Cydia and Lisa for tagging me for these awards. So we're supposed to post up the awards on our blog, then list 7 interesting facts. 

The Facts:
    1. I have an unhealthy obsession with cute stuffed animals. I love collecting and often run out of space for them. They also all have names. Many have "birthdays" but after a while it was really hard to keep track. Imagine having that many kids, lol!

    2. I LOVE spicy foods. I love spicy noodles, fries, vegetables, pizza...the list is endless. I actually have a hard time eating noodles if they're not spicy. Of course I have to compensate for it by drinking tons of water afterward, but it's so worth it.

    3. I think aliens really exist. Yea, yea, there are theories that try to prove that they're fake, but I'm a believer. Seriously, there are so many different galaxies out there, we can't the only ones.

    4. I like kung fu. I think it's really cool to kick ass. LOL. Really though, I've always like it and even took lessons at one point. I had lessons from a monk that's part of the Shaolin Temple, here in NYC. I think it was up until I got too busy with school work that I had to quit lessons. I also enjoy kung fu films, as exaggerated as some are.

    5. I like bubble tea, without the tapioca. Weird, right? I don't know, but they give me headaches sometimes (maybe from all that chewing) so I've just grown accustomed to not having them in my drinks at all. Of course that's not to say I never get them.

    6. When I was 14, I decided to give myself a haircut out of boredom. I started out by just layering, playing it safe. The next thing I knew, I had a bob, LOL. When I was 17 the same thing happened again, but the damage wasn't as bad. I still had semi-long hair. =) Seeing it might be a 3 year pattern, the next self haircut should be within this year. ;p

    7. From the time when I was younger, up until recent years, I have always disliked the color pink. I just thought it was too girly for my liking and that all the other girls around me were way too obsessed with it for no reason. However, pink seems to be growing on me. >_<

      I tag: (no particular order)




      *Giang, mentioned above is having a giveaway! Definitely check out her site, she updates on the regular. =)

      I went to MAC yesterday and picked a lippie from their Liberty of London collection. Yea, I got sucked in by their packaging.

      Gorgeous coral color, don't ya'think?

      My current nails:
      Color: OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry


      I also wanted to share a few pictures of my recent shoe purchases. I really have to stop with all the shoe buying, lol.

      Nike blazers! Took me so long to find these in my size because they usually make them for guys so the smallest size would usually be a men's 6 or 7 which is a women's 8-9.

      Here's the detailing of the shoe:

      I love that these are grey, so they pretty much go with my entire wardrobe.

      Next  up, are these cute boots I got from ZARA.

      Loving the stud detailing on the back. My boyfriend doesn't like these metal studs, but whatever, I'm diggin' it. ;p


      So I went to this chocolate place with my boyfriend yesterday and I just wanted to put up a picture of how cute the chocolates are.

      MarieBelle SoHo
      (212) 925-6999
      484 Broome Street
      (between Wooster St and West Broadway

      Don't they look delicious?

      <3 Diana


    lisaa__ said...

    I LOVE YOUR SNEAKERS!!! =O i literally dropped my mouth when i saw the details!!! such a great buy!!

    mac`s new line really DOES have cute packaging! i dont own any mac stuff but maybe i will look into it and find something i might like!

    i like pink!! haha im one of those obsessed girls =X and i love love spicy food too!! my korean friend told me im the only chinese girl shes ever known who can handle really spicy food :) i havent had boba (bubble) in my drinks for a while cus its a hassle to chew with braces. why do you get head aches? is it from the chewing or the drink itself? haha i rarely get slushy type bubble teas i usually get like different kinds of milk teas. yummy :) im a bubble tea addict hehe

    do you guys call it bubble tea in NY? in california we just call it boba.

    xbbkay said...

    omg. after looking at your blog, i immediately checked up on the new mac launch! i totally forgot about it. THANKS FOR SHARING. that lipstick is def on my list.


    thanks for the award as well

    giang said...

    loveee the nails and the lippie, babes! i got meet me..from the opi collection and it's lovely! thanks for the tag! i will repost on my next post :)

    Cyd said...

    Ohhh mannnnnnnnn Ever Hip looks really pretty too. oh mannnnn you're making me wanna pick this one up too hahahaha just like how i got you wanting to pick up blooming can always apply a coat of lipgloss if it looks too purple...but i think it looks amazing hahahahahaah

    and yes NYC weather SUCKS....but i think its gonna be sunny again soon...on wednesday i think its probably gonna be very warm...wooot...come to meet & greet

    yumiko said...

    hey love~

    those boots are very pretty and cute. i like the studs on it too!

    spicy food is oishii! i love it too! anything you name it.

    and mac products do have pretty packaging

    Susie said...

    Thank you! =) Your nails are super cute! As well as your boots & Nike Blazers! The detailing is neat, aha.

    Glamour Buzz said...

    You could probably find Ardell lashes, or other semi-permanent ones off eBay! Also, my friend refers people to this website: but I have yet to try buying off it.

    Great blog!! I love your material.

    Jenny said...

    go try the friction reducer stick! i just did a quick review on it :) i love love love the mac lipstick that you chose :) please follow my blog <3!

    PinkyKathy said...

    lippy's color is soooooooo pretty.

    Rainy Days and Lattes said...

    Ah, this is so nice! I love all your shoe hauls!! :) It's so addicting :p The lipstick is SO gorgeous! love it :) And your nails look so cute!

    Koo said...

    Goddd, LOVE the Nails. Like LOVVEEE ^^
    And the booots. I have something similar!
    Awesome blog :)

    Sh-Sh-Sh-Shaira! said...

    The packaging is so pretty on the lipstick! And lol, i have a feeling that someday, I'll try to give myself a haircut and completely fail. I go to the hair salon only to get layers/trim, but never an actual style such as a specific cut of bangs where that if it were going to be messed up, it would be too obvious. I already went to 3 different places to get the perfect side bangs and they all cut a really short full bang. I cried in the salon, it sucked. Next time i went to the same salon, another hairstylist, like the leader hairstylist said 'if you cry I'll spank you!' and we both laughed but inside i was like >> ._.

    Cyd said...

    I wanna get ever hip.....ANYWAYS deff have to try the mask asap...i heard that you can get it at walgreens for $2...but i got mine for like $3.19-$5 =[

    iamlisaaa said...

    those chocolates look too pretty to eat!!!

    Rainy Days and Lattes said...

    I too love spicy foods! I can't get enough of it. I would literally do spicy food challenges if it were safe :p

    Beautiful lipstick! MAC always comes out with the nicest lipsticks! Gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Zara boots!!!!


    Rainy Days and Lattes said...

    I too love spicy foods! I can't get enough of it. I would literally do spicy food challenges if it were safe :p

    Beautiful lipstick! MAC always comes out with the nicest lipsticks! Gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Zara boots!!!!


    lucy said...

    ooh, I looove spicy foods and definitely my bubble tea without the tapioca! haha :) & hot shoes!

    Mary said...

    I love the lipstick!! nice design too.Also, love the shoes!!!

    I like spicy food but not tooo spicy. Thank you for the tag hun!!!!!.... oh ya about It was easy and they make sure that you put the correct shipping information before they ship it out for electronics I guess, it makes sense.

    Stephanie said...

    I think Aliens exist too!!
    I wish I knew kung fu I want to kick some butt.
    Pink is growing on me too...

    Carla said...

    wow, I still have to find some nike blazers in my size!
    Those are cool! Nice detail!!

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