Friday, October 8, 2010

The Face Shop Charcoal Phyto Cleanser

Hey Ladies,

The weather is finally cooling down and we can finally break out the jackets, scarves, and boots! So excited!

So I've been using a cleanser from The Face Shop for about a month. The Charcoal Phyto Cleanser is semi-gentle and cleans pretty well. I say that it's "semi-gentle" because after washing your face and patting it dry, you can feel just a litto teensy bit of that dry tightness that you get from harsh cleansers. You can also feel a slight prickly feeling while the cleanser is on your face. I don't consider my skin as sensitive so I'm thinking that it's how the cleanser is.

I don't know if I would repurchase this cleanser since I don't actually see any benefits from using this besides that it cleans my skin pretty thoroughly. Each tube of this costs about $10 and there are other varieties including green tea (which I will be reviewing after I have used it for a longer period of time).

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather!

<3 Winsley


martienn said...

lovely ; ) your blog is really interesting :)

if you want follow me :* <3

FashionableAsians said...

THANKS for the review, I've been shopping around for a new cleanser and I have dry sensitive skin

Anonymous said...

I wish I could break out the jackets and scarves again but unfortunately summer is upon us down under ! I just away all my winter clothes .. it's very sad ;''-/

Do you like Face Shop products overall ? I've tried a few but haven't been impressed ;-/

heartofpearl ♡ said...

i think no matter how sensitive ur skin is or isnt, you should still use a gentle one haha! hope its gd for ur skin tho! x~

mineral lipstick said...

Thanks for sharing, its been a long time since I used a cleanser for my face and I'm missing it:) For now I'm enjoying my newest mineral lipstick.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X

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