Saturday, November 14, 2009

La Sirène Whitening Cleansing Gel

Picture The La Sirène Whitening Cleansing Gel is very effective in removing the layer of dead skin cells thats sits on top of your face revealing the healthy skin underneath. This product, which was developed in Paris, France, is gentle to the skin and is made for all skin types.

The gel itself is clear and has a mild scent that takes some getting used to, but it isn't unpleasant; just a bit different. You need about a pea sized amount for each of your cheeks and another pea sized amount split between your forehead, chin and nose. When you start gently rubbing your skin with the gel, you will feel the dead skin cells come off of your skin. You can actually see the dead skin and that way you know it's working! I know it sounds like the product is very harsh but it is actually not. It feels just like rubbing water on your face. After you have worked the product onto your entire face, rinse with cool to lukewarm water (whichever you prefer) and pat dry. You will feel that your skin is softer and will be more vibrant.

The gel contains grape poly-phenols which is supposed to have great health benefits and can also be found in red wine.

The tube I purchased is 5.07 Fl. oz/150mL and I have yet to see a bigger tube. I bought this at SaSa Cosmetic Supply Company in Hong Kong. I do not believe that they sell this in the United States.

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