Saturday, November 14, 2009

Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion

Picture This primer potion is supposed to prevent creasing of eyeshadow, improve pigmentation as well as lasting the entire day. This product really does do all of that! The primer is applied on the eyelid before the application of any eye makeup. It is a nude color so it's suitable for all skin tones.

I have oily eyelids so this was the perfect product for me. In the past my eyeshadow would crease or fade within a few hours, but with this primer potion, it has been able to last me for 7+ hours which is good enough for me! A little bit does the trick, but be sure to let it dry completely before applying eyeshadow. This product can also extend the staying power of eyeliners that tend to smudge. The silicone ingredient makes application smooth and easy.

Also, now available in a beautiful champagne color called "Sin." Sin serves the same purpose as the original nude primer except it gives your eyeshadow an extra pop of color.

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